Some application that i sell at Codecanyon marketplace where protected with a license validation routine that uses envato API calls to check if the final user really purchased it. When a protected application is launched by executing the deployed .exe file, will ask the purchase code to the user. To find the purchase code to activate the application just go to your Codecanyon downloads page using the dropdown menu at the top-left side of the website.




When you’re at the downloads page, find the item you have purchased and hit at the green DOWNLOAD button at the left side of the picture of the item. A dropdown menu will appear, then hit at the License certificate & purchase code (text) button. A .txt file will be downloaded to your hard disk, find it and open it.




Find at line 17 the purchase code.




Copy it and paste it into my application, then click CONTINUE, if the purchase code is ok the application will be activated and you can use it normally, if not it will close and will be not usable.